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How Do You Start?

In life, a lot of things can go wrong and sometimes relationships break down.

When spouses cannot solve their differences, they may decide to head to divorce court.

However, this is not the best or only solution for every family. Mediation is one option that couples should consider before involving other parties.

At Capital Family Mediation, we provide services that enable spouses to come to amicable agreements.

If you are no longer in a working family setup and you need to reach an agreement with your spouse, contact us today to find out more.

Assessment meetings cost from just £99.00 and the process is very effective for parents and finances to resolve quickly and effectively.

Disputes between families can affect a lot of people. When two spouses decide to separate, it triggers a chain reaction in the family structure.

Children are some of the first casualties of such situations. A lot of negative feelings may arise and affect children well into adulthood.

Family mediation is a way to ensure that there are effective ways of dealing with disputes.

Capitol Family Mediation provide well-trained, professional accredited family mediators with lots of experience that know how to handle sensitive situations.

Our intention for everyone in the family is to get out of such a situation with the least amount of stress or damage.

In most cases, a divorcing or separating couple and the mediator attend the mediation meeting.

First thing is to contact our office and arrange a miam meeting.

We can hold the meetings where you are both in the same room or separate rooms. Read more here

Please note our COVID safe working policy and how we can help read more here…

It is now a Legal Requirement for people to be able to show that they have attended mediation before court.

In England, there is a law that requires individuals seeking rulings on issues involving financial matters or children to first attend mediation information and assessment meetings (MIAM).

When two people decide that they want to separate or divorce their lives from one another, then you should get family mediation service first.

There are exceptions to this rule, though, such as in cases of domestic violence.

Solicitors play a vital role when couples want to reach an agreement during this process.

They are not present during all meetings most importantly to help to resolve disputes over finances or property and its best to get their advice.

At the end of the  process, couples normally reach an agreed proposal. At this point, the couple is advised to seek legal advice individually especially if it is on financial matters.

Also, lawyers will be of much help if the client would like the proposals agreed on to be incorporated into a draft consent order. This makes the proposal agreed on to be legally binding. Family mediation  costs less so book a meeting today to find out more.

Mediation is an excellent opportunity for individuals to raise issues that they may otherwise not discuss in a court of law.

There are a lot of reasons for family breakdowns, and we believe that it is crucial to understand the causes of disputes to allow us to provide lapsing solutions. The aim of our mediation services is to give individuals a platform to express themselves.

Some parents forget that their children may want their opinions heard. During mediation, we make that possible. It is why we insist on having individual meetings as well as group meetings.

The key to any dispute resolution is effective communication. Some spouses decide to divorce without even talking to each other about what went wrong.

At Capitol Family Mediation we are big on quality communication. We encourage family members to talk to one another.

You may find out there is a chance to salvage some relationships just by communicating.

When a case involves children, parents have to understand that they will always have something that binds them.

Keeping the doors of communication open ensures that children don’t have to suffer through the bad blood between parents.

One of the most sensitive issues when dealing with divorce is child custody. If parents can’t come to an agreement about how they will raise their children, then family mediation services will come in handy.

Fighting over who gets custody can take a toll on children, and that is something we like to avoid at Capitol Family Mediation.



  • With our mediation services, families get faster solutions to their problems.
  • In cases where lawyers and courts get involved, the process may take a long time and relationships may continue to fall apart.
  • Our primary role is to ensure that families address their problems in the fastest ways possible.


  • With Capitol Family Mediation you have all the control. We strive to make the process very comfortable.
  • You can tell us when you want to start the meetings and make the call when you want to stop.
  • We give you control over what happens and how you wish to go about the mediation.
  • The role of our mediators is to guide you through the process and help resolve the issues in your relationship.


  • We don’t dwell in the past, and that is one of the ways we encourage progress.
  • For families to move forward, it helps to look into the future. Assigning blame will not do much to remedy situations.
  • Our mediators concentrate on reaching the best solutions for all parties.