Mediation for Children

Young children do not require to see their parents in huge arguments or disputes. So take the sensible roadway of Capitol family mediation contact us today.

Mediation for Children


Are you child and want a voice in the mediation process with your parents?


Feel like you are being cut off from decisions?


Much Lower Costs than Court & saves Family relationships


Success rates – Keeping you in control and out of court

How Do You Start?

Sad Child fighting parents

What is child inclusive mediation?

It is extremely important to take care of the physical and well-being of a child.

Improper growth or care during the early years may lead to an incomplete personality when they grow up as adults. If your family is going through a difficult time, make sure your children are not ignored or left unguided.

When trouble strikes, mediators know how to help your child bounce back. They deal with the broad range of crises that can hit a family such as a divorce, unemployment and death, among others.

When children don’t get assistance, the consequences can be grim.

Research has shown that children whose parents divorce are far more likely to develop health problems than other children and they are also twice as likely to repeat a grade at school. They are 3x more likely to need counselling too. With a reputable family mediation service, they will also connect a family in distress to life coaches and support groups if there is a need.

Children can handle almost any truth when it’s shared by someone they know and trust. In a divorce, parents should be present when children hear the news.

With mediation, children recover more easily from a major family setback.

The beauty about mediation for children is that it a confidential process which allows for an atmosphere of communication and understanding.

Parents and their children negotiate to reach an amicable solution. Capitol Mediators don’t tell you what to do, but rather guide you towards the best solutions.

When crisis strikes, unhealthy families can fall apart, but their skilled team helps families to look ahead and rebuild. They keep children involved in all the decisions so that they feel they are contributing.

Contending with the impact of divorce, daughter or sons find out to cope with life‘s lots of changes and difficulties.

Mediation for children shows them how to handle whatever comes their way. Mediators help parents and children look at the different options for sorting different aspects of divorce out.

Where the family will live, finances, transport, school fees, medical care – all these are impacted by divorce and separation.

Mediators refocus family values at times like those. They show and guide families not to bemoan activities they may no longer be able to enjoy as a family but how to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Capitol Family Mediation in is an accredited family mediator business offering a caring, safe environment as they offer professional and child-focused services. They aim to help families come to agreements in a soothing, calm manner and to resolve conflict resulting from divorce and separation.

Capitol Mediation can turn these sessions into a time of strength, and when the children are involved in the decision making and feel that the solutions can be of benefit to them, they feel as though they have a stake in making the new way of life work, and that everyone can win.

Contracting help from child mediators eliminates constant arguing since all the participants eventually agree on the terms. Mediation also reduces the tremendous costs involved with separation and divorce and can avoid the need for you having.

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