Long Distance Mediation

Capitol Family Mediation offer long distance mediation by skype, facetime or video offering couples the ability to mediate without travelling.

Can’t Travel For Mediation?
Then Read This!

Do you live far apart from your ex partner?

Dont have the ability to travel?

Live different in parts of the UK

In different countries all toether?

Our Family Mediation service provides the best service:

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Are you going for a divorce?

Then, what will happen if you and your partner aren’t living in the same geographical area?

You might be travelling on a regular basis to a faraway place in order to attend the mediation session.

If you both are comfortable with the teleconferencing sessions, then you can opt for online mediation sessions.

If communication is occurring between the mediators and the partners, then the mediation process can be effective.

Mediation also depends on the non-verbal cues and the body language during the face to face encounters, which helps in establishing a good communication with the parties.

Now, online mediation has become the first option for the mediators, for the couples who can’t be in the same room or for those who live far away.

In this, the mediators will meet their parties and then everything will be done over the internet.

The mediators give priority to the needs and requirements of the parties and if you have chosen to go for online mediation, then they will make the suitable arrangements for you.

By using teleconferencing mediation services or web-based real-time mediation you can even solve your long distance dilemma and can also resolve your disputes effectively

As the internet is widely available, the visual cues and enhanced connection can allow you to discuss all your issues more comfortably and openly.

This option is much preferable and affordable as compared to travelling long distances and increasing your expenses.

It might be possible, that your mediator asks you to meet for the first time so that you can discuss everything and establish a good relationship with your mediator.

Again, if this option is not suitable for you, as you are residing in another country, then you can do this initial conversation on the telephone or on Skype.

Thus, the physical separation from your spouse or from your mediator doesn’t make any difference.

You just require to keep everything and every issue openly and should try to find the possible solution, negotiation should be your approach and rest will be done in a peaceful manner.

If you are thinking to go for online mediation process, then you can contact Capitol Mediation you for more details.