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If you pick up a newspaper in the month of January, you’ll probably find quite a few articles regarding divorce, many of which will have attention-grabbing headlines such as “Divorce month,” “D-Day,” and “January Divorce Spike.” The statistic that more divorce orders are given on the first working day following the New Year than at any other time of the year is, as one might expect, frequently cited in the media. The fact that I am devoting part of my time today to writing on this blog indicates that this is not, in point of fact, the situation.

We at Capitol Family Mediation Croydon have chosen to flip the so-called “Divorce month” on its head by focusing our January blogging not on climbing on the back of the media’s divorce waggon but rather on Family Mediation Croydon and the benefits that it can provide for families who have become separated. We thought that “Meditation Month” would be an appropriate title for our first blog post of the year.

When contemplating divorce, there are a few immediate and pressing issues that, in our experience as attorneys and also as family mediators, are frequently asked. These questions cover a range of topics. Even while there will be a lot of material available, particularly this month, that will address those issues from a legal perspective, Mediation Croydon is a procedure that is sometimes disregarded during this time of year.

The following set of questions is intended to be answered by you in the event that you are thinking about using family mediation as an option for resolving the conflict that has arisen within your family.

How much time will it take to complete?

The first step in the Mediation Croydon process is for each party to go to their own separate mediation assessment appointment. If it is determined that mediation is appropriate for the situation and both parties are willing to participate, the next step is to schedule a joint session with the separated couple and the mediator. The procedure will normally consist of two to four sessions of mediation, and it may be completed in two to three months. As part of the process of exchanging information, personalised versions of financial disclosures are typically traded in over the course of financial mediations.

If my former spouse calls the mediation agency, would the mediators believe that I am the one who is at fault?

No. In order to find a solution that is practical for the entirety of the family, mediation involves working together with the opposing side and concentrating on their shared interests. The mediator will refrain from taking sides and will not assign blame to any of the disputing parties. During the entirety of the Mediation Croydon process, the mediator will maintain total and utter impartiality.

How much will the cost of the mediation be?

The process of mediation is one that may save you money, and many firms provide rates that are set for each session. The parties would each be looking at costs in the region of £750 to £1,000 for a typical process that includes an initial assessment appointment, two joint sessions, and the associated documentation recording the agreement. In addition, the parties would each be looking at the costs of supporting advice from their solicitors as part of the process, which would bring the total to £750 to £1,000. The fees are often a very small proportion of the total amount spent on disputed legal procedures.

Am I required to appear in court?

If you are able to reach an agreement through family mediation that is satisfactory to both parties, then the mediators will prepare the necessary paperwork and send it to both of you, as well as to your former partner and your attorneys. Your attorneys will then draught a legally binding version of the agreements that were reached through mediation. Following that, this can be sent to the Court for approval without anyone really having to be in court.

We need to figure out where our children will reside and how we will do so.

The parties involved in the dispute must develop a conversation as parents and work together for the welfare of their children going ahead for the Mediation Croydon process to be successful. In certain situations, specially trained and accredited family mediators are able to consult with children in a manner that is kept strictly confidential as part of the Mediation Croydon process. This ensures that the children’s voices are heard, and that the parents are able to listen to their concerns and work together to alleviate any worries that may arise in the future.

Who makes the decisions on how to manage financial problems?

When parties participate in family mediation, they maintain control over the process. The mediator does not make the final decision regarding what will take place but rather acts as a facilitator during discussions between the parties to help them generate and consider options as well as come up with their own resolution regarding the financial issues that are associated with their relationship.

Even if I go through the Mediation Croydon process, would I still be able to seek a divorce?

Yes. Family Mediation Croydon will not prevent you from going through with the divorce. You and your spouse will be able to discuss, inside the confines of the mediation room, whether or not the two of you would want to commence the divorce processes, who will be the petitioner and who will be the respondent, who will pay the fees, and other such topics.

How can we be of assistance?

We can provide assistance to you in a variety of different ways since we are both family attorneys and qualified family mediators. There are times when family mediation and/or other types of conflict resolution methods like collaborative law or round table sessions are just not tenable and the aid of the Court is necessary. These are the times when the assistance of the Court is required. The majority of divorcing families, on the other hand, find that the possibility of preserving control over their own futures while also minimising expenditures is an extremely appealing option—and one that is welcomed and encouraged by the process of family mediation.

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