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Your Local Trusted Accredited Mediators, Offering Conflict Resolution For Families After Divorce Or Separation

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  • With our mediation services, families get faster solutions to their problems.
  • In cases where lawyers and courts get involved, the process may take a long time and relationships may continue to fall apart.
  • Our primary role is to ensure that families address their problems in the fastest ways possible.


  • With Capitol Family Mediation you have all the control. We strive to make the process very comfortable.
  • You can tell us when you want to start the meetings and make the call when you want to stop.
  • We give you control over what happens and how you wish to go about the mediation.
  • The role of our mediators is to guide you through the process and help resolve the issues in your relationship.


  • We don’t dwell in the past, and that is one of the ways we encourage progress.
  • For families to move forward, it helps to look into the future. Assigning blame will not do much to remedy situations.
  • Our mediators concentrate on reaching the best solutions for all parties.