Children disputes

Children conflicts can be solved best when best parents are deciding around their children utilizing a third-party specialist. 

Disputes over Children

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How To Help Your Children

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Mediation is better than family court on several counts. The first and foremost reason is that mediation service is cheaper than general litigation.

It doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket of the disputing party. General litigation, on the other hand, is an expensive process.

The mediation process is an easy one and less stressful as compared to litigation. Mediation doesn’t involve much time. This is particularly beneficial where children are concerned mainly because of the fact that it safeguards their future, and their studies are not hampered.


Whereas court takes a lot of time. Under mediation, the disputing parties have a say in the whole process. This means they do have a hand in the final decision making. Under general litigation, disputing parties do not have a say and all the decisions are made by the court.

The use of family mediation in child custody and child support cases is growing rapidly in the UK
Its an effective way to help parents find ways to save custody of the children and work out child support obligations that are too high for a percentage of the population.

Family mediation has been used in divorce cases for years but it is the most recent attempt to improve the situation.

This is because of several factors such as the increase in the number of divorces, the increase in the number of children that have been born to divorced parents, and the increased ability of each of the parents to fight the divorce and seek child support, custody and visitation rights.

In the UK, this requires the parties to seek family mediation in order to resolve their disputes.

It is important to note that mediation does not deal with all of the issues. However, it is a successful method to help the couple work out their differences.

Many couples who opt for divorce now seek a method such as mediation to help them work out their child custody and visitation issues.

In addition, in many cases, one or both parents may be depressed and not able to pay the right amount of child support.

Many times a family can get the support that they need from a state sponsored program. However, if the child support issues are unresolved, this can be seen by the court as an indication that the parent is not ready to maintain a relationship with the other parent. The courts are now recognizing the need for the parties to communicate and come to a solution together that they can live with.

Under mediation , if one party is unwilling to attend the meeting with the other party, then a separate meeting session can be arranged with the mediators. See our fees

Mediation is the best way to resolve so contact Capitol Family Mediation today!