Parents mediation help

Parents mediation can be a difficult decision, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or intimidating. Mediation is a process that can help parents navigate complex issues like child custody, parenting plans, financial support, and more. Capitol Family Mediation provides trained mediators who help parents communicate effectively and solve conflicts in a positive and cooperative way.

The Process of Parent Mediation

Initial Consultation

Capitol Family Mediation begins by conducting an initial consultation to understand the specific needs and concerns of the parents involved. This helps in tailoring the mediation process to address individual circumstances effectively.

Mediation Sessions

The mediator facilitates structured sessions where parents share their perspectives, concerns, and desires for the future. The mediator ensures open and respectful communication, allowing both parties to be heard and understood.

Identifying Common Goals

Through guided discussions, the mediator assists parents in identifying shared goals and areas of agreement. This forms the foundation for constructive problem-solving and reaching mutually satisfactory outcomes.

Crafting Agreements

Once common ground is established, the mediator helps the parents create practical and achievable agreements that address their concerns and meet the needs of the children involved. These agreements are designed to promote cooperation and harmony in the long term.

Capitol Family Mediation really helps parents sort out issues with children.


Our Role

Capitol Family Mediation strives to create a safe environment where parents can discuss their issues and find common ground. Our role is to remain impartial and ensure both parties are heard, respected, and involved in the decision-making process. Our mediators provide guidance and support throughout the process but do not make decisions for the parents. We believe the best decisions come from mutually agreed upon solutions.

If either of you has decided to divorce or dissolve a civil partnership, Capitol Family Mediation can help you make smooth future arrangements relating to your childrenfinance or property.

Family mediation is quite a faster and more cost-friendly way to settle family disputes than heading straight to courts.

It minimises conflict, and hence your family remains in control of your children, property and money, instead of being directed by court orders.

These impartial professionals have accredited mediators who are trained in all issues relating to family law and can as well offer any legal information that you may require.

When you go the mediation way, you will be making arrangements that will suit your unique circumstances.

• How to share your property or finances
• The best for your children
• How you can operate as divorced parents