Telephone Mediation Service

Telephone Mediation Service

Telephone Mediation Service
One of the options the company provides is a telephone mediation service. Some disputes can be solved by using this method instead of other, more intrusive, ways and also have the advantage of being more flexible. This is because those involved in a specific case do not have to travel to a particular location at a particular time, which may be inconvenient and in some cases, impossible.

Using a telephone mediation service is also a more cost-effective way for all parties to try and find a resolution to their problem.

When undertaking telephone mediation, the mediator will speak to each side separately, at a pre-arranged time, to ensure that they have enough time to discuss all of the issues in sufficient detail. As little as two hours may be needed, depending on the specific issue, and it does not have to continuous, as breaks can be taken as necessary. Details about things like this will be explained before your session, so you know what to expect.

The mediator is designed to be an independent, unbiased practitioner who has received specialist training in mediation skills. Although they are employed through the court, they are not a judge and will not provide any legal advice. Depending on the case, they may not even know many specific details about it. This is because it is the job of the mediator to try and find a resolution that each party will agree to, rather than going over the facts of the case, and in order to reach a suitable resolution and remain neutral it is not necessary for them to know the details.

The mediator will also ensure that the discussions remain relevant to the end goal, keeping emotion out of it as much as possible.

Although there is no guarantee that the parties will reach an agreement, it is worth trying because if a settlement is agreed, it will prevent the need for any further intervention on the matter. If it doesn’t work, the next step would be going to court, which can be a lengthy, emotional and expensive process.

If a compromise is reached, the mediator will report back to the court, giving full details of what is expected from each party. They have no further involvement after that, and it is not their job to ensure that the agreement is followed through by each party.

A long-distance telephone mediation service is an efficient, productive way of solving disputes, with the best interests of all taken into account. Please contact us to find out more.