Navigating Family Disputes with Capitol Family Mediation Services in Brentwood


Family disputes can be challenging and emotionally draining for everyone involved. Seeking professional help to resolve conflicts and find amicable solutions is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships within the family unit. In this article, we will delve into the comprehensive services offered by Capitol Family Mediation in Brentwood, and how they can assist you in resolving family disputes effectively.

The Importance of Family Mediation in Brentwood

Family mediation is a process that helps families resolve conflicts and disagreements by encouraging open communication and fostering understanding between all parties involved. This method is particularly useful when it comes to sensitive issues such as divorce, child custody, and financial matters. Some of the key benefits of family mediation include:

  • Providing a neutral environment for open dialogue
  • Reducing stress and tension among family members
  • Encouraging collaborative decision-making
  • Facilitating quicker resolutions compared to court proceedings
  • Lowering the overall costs associated with legal battles

The Advantages of Mediation in Brentwood:

Mediation offers numerous benefits over traditional litigation when dealing with family disputes. Some of these advantages include:

  • Cost-effective: Mediation is typically less expensive than going to court, saving families both time and money.
  • Confidentiality: The mediation process is private and confidential, ensuring that sensitive family matters remain within the family.
  • Control: Both parties have more control over the outcome of the mediation, as opposed to a judge making decisions for them.
  • Flexibility: Mediation sessions can be scheduled at convenient times and locations for both parties.
  • Less adversarial: Mediation encourages cooperation and open communication, reducing the tension and hostility often associated with courtroom battles.
  • Preserving relationships: By working together to find a solution, mediation can help preserve and even strengthen family relationships.
Understanding the Mediation Process in Brentwood

The mediation process at Capitol Family Mediation in Brentwood involves several steps, each designed to help families reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Initial Consultation

The process begins with an initial consultation, during which the mediator will gather information about the situation and explain how mediation works. This meeting allows both parties to ask questions and express their concerns.

Individual Sessions

The mediator will then hold individual sessions with each party to understand their perspective and identify their needs and interests. This helps the mediator gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and prepare for the joint session.

Joint Sessions

During joint sessions, the mediator will facilitate open communication between the parties, encouraging them to express their feelings and concerns. The mediator will help guide the discussion and keep it focused on finding a resolution.


Once both parties have reached an agreement, the mediator will draft a written document outlining the terms. This agreement can be legally binding if both parties choose to make it so.

Capitol Family Mediation Services in Brentwood

Capitol Family Mediation in Brentwood offers a variety of services to help families navigate difficult situations, including:

  • Divorce and separation mediation: Helping couples reach agreements on issues such as child custody, child support, alimony, and property division.
  • Parenting plan mediation: Assisting parents in creating a comprehensive parenting plan that outlines each parent’s responsibilities and ensures the best interests of the children are met.
  • Elder care mediation: Addressing disputes related to aging family members, such as living arrangements, financial matters, and medical decisions.
  • Family business mediation: Resolving conflicts within family-owned businesses to ensure the continued success of the enterprise.
Only mediators accredited by the Capitol Family Mediation Brentwood can sign a court type to state you have been to a MIAM. An accredited conciliator is called “FMCA”.
Yes. We provide MIAMs and family mediation  by video meeting. This implies that in divorce or splitting up you can still use our expert mediation services to aid make settlements over money, parenting and also building. You can moderate without leaving residence to see among our family mediation centres, which people are discovering specifically helpful offered Coronavirus restrictions. Book an appointment using this link.
To see if you can get legal help for family mediation, adhere to these actions.
The mediator will finish a type called a CIVMEANS7 at your initial MIAM meeting. You after that authorize and also date it. Since this aids us compute your earnings and also outgoings, that’s. You need to provide records verifying your earnings either at or prior to your conference, copies are connected to the kind.

As a guide, you may be eligible if:

Obtain Revenue Assistance, Universal Credit, revenue based JSA, income based ESA, Pension Guarantee Credit
Reside on your very own and your household income is less than ₤ 1,000 per calendar month.
Have a household revenue less than ₤ 1,400 per schedule month, as well as you cope with a companion and/or dependent children
If you separate from your partner there are a number of things to be considered as well as decided.. :
where you are most likely to live from now on, and also where your companion will live

, if you have children where will they live and what arrangements will there be for them to see the other moms and dad
what to do concerning cash as well as properties you have gotten together– this consists of financial savings as well as debts
A divorce petition is sent to the court, or completed online using with a kind laying out the arrangements for the children, where appropriate. In some cases this type is concurred in between you prior to proceedings are released. The setups are not binding on you and also, if there is any type of conflict between you, not resolved in mediation, it is open to either of you to make an application under area 8 of the Children Act 1989 for orders for residence, contact, restricted steps or details problem orders.

As soon as the divorce petition, the declaration of arrangements for the children, the initial marital relationship certificate, the fee and the appropriate variety of duplicates have actually been sent, the petitioner obtains a note of the court number and also the papers are offered on the respondent by article. The participant receives an acknowledgement of solution kind which they need to complete as well as return.

The court will certainly forward a duplicate of the acknowledgement of solution kind to the petitioner once it is obtained, and the petitioner will after that finish a typical form sworn statement in assistance of the petition.
This, when vowed, is lodged together with a type requesting directions for trial. The papers at this phase are positioned before an Area Judge who will certify whether the mandate can be given.

The court will provide a date for the declaration of the decree nisi as well as notify you of the date if it can. It is not essential for any type of presence on the day of the mandate nisi, and a few days after a copy of the mandate will be sent out to you. 6 weeks as well as eventually after the mandate nisi the petitioner can get the decree to be made absolute. This is done using form with the appropriate court fee. It is an administrative act and also is usually returned by the court within days of the application.

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