Professional Mediation Services at Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that helps individuals and organizations resolve their disputes without relying on the court system. Mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties involved agree to work with a neutral mediator to develop a mutually acceptable agreement. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to solve disputes without the need for court-ordered judgments.

Services Offered by Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick

Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick provides a range of services to address various family-related conflicts. Here are some of the core services they offer:

  • Family Mediation: At the heart of Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick’s services is family mediation. This process involves a neutral third party, the mediator, who facilitates communication and negotiation between family members. Whether it’s divorce, child custody, or inheritance disputes, mediation can be a transformative tool for finding common ground and forging agreements that benefit all parties involved.
  • Child-Inclusive Mediation: Children are often the silent victims of family disputes. Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick understands the importance of considering their voices in mediation. Through child-inclusive mediation, the needs and wishes of children are given a voice, allowing them to be heard and considered in the resolution process.
  • Parenting Plans: Divorce or separation can be particularly challenging for parents. Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick assists parents in crafting parenting plans that outline custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and other critical aspects of co-parenting. These plans are designed to minimize conflict and provide stability for children.
  • Financial Mediation: Money matters can be a significant source of family conflict. Whether it’s dividing assets, negotiating spousal support, or resolving inheritance disputes, Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick specializes in financial mediation, helping families navigate complex financial issues with fairness and transparency.
  • Elder Mediation: As families age, new challenges may arise. Elder mediation offered by Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick helps families address issues related to caregiving, estate planning, and eldercare arrangements. This service aims to preserve family relationships and ensure the well-being of elderly family members.

Advantages of Choosing Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick


Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick stands as a guiding light for families in conflict. Through its array of mediation services, commitment to open communication, and dedication to preserving relationships, Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick offers a path to resolution and unity. When you choose mediation, you choose a brighter future for your family—one built on understanding, cooperation, and harmony. Say goodbye to litigation’s adversarial approach and embrace the transformative power of mediation with Capitol Family Mediation Chiswick.