Expert Family Mediation Services in West Thurrock with Capitol Family Mediation

Disputes between family members can be challenging and emotionally charged. At Capitol Family Mediation in West Thurrock, we understand the importance of resolving family issues amicably and constructively. Our expert mediators offer a range of comprehensive mediation services to help families navigate the complexities of disputes.

What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a voluntary process that allows family members to work through their issues in a more constructive way. Mediation can cover a wide range of issues, including divorce and separation, child custody, property division, communication, and conflict resolution. The mediator acts as a neutral third party who facilitates the negotiation and helps family members find common ground.

Different Services provided by Capitol Family Mediation

Capitol Family Mediation in West Thurrock offers the following expert mediation services:

1. Divorce and Separation Mediation

Divorce and separation can be a challenging time for families. Our expert mediators can help couples work through their issues amicably, reduce animosity, and come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Advantages of divorce and separation mediation:

  • Cost-effective alternative to litigation
  • Faster resolution
  • Less traumatic for children involved
  • Confidentiality

2. Child Custody Mediation

Child custody disputes can be particularly challenging, but our expert mediators can help parents find common ground and make decisions that are in the best interest of their children.

Advantages of child custody mediation:

  • Focus on the well-being of the child
  • More control over decision-making
  • Less adversarial than litigation
  • Confidentiality

3. Property Division Mediation

Disputes over property division can be a significant source of tension between family members. Our skilled mediators can help families find a mutually agreeable solution to property division disputes.

Advantages of property division mediation:

  • More control over the outcome
  • Faster resolution
  • Cost-effective alternative to litigation
  • Confidentiality

4. Communication and Conflict Resolution Mediation

Communication is key to resolving family disputes, and our expert mediators can help improve communication and facilitate conflict resolution between family members.

Advantages of communication and conflict resolution mediation:

  • Improved communication
  • Reduced conflict and tension
  • Enhanced understanding of each other’s perspective
  • Constructive problem-solving

Why Choose Capitol Family Mediation?

Capitol Family Mediation in West Thurrock is dedicated to helping families navigate the complexities of disputes. Our compassionate and skilled mediators have extensive experience in providing expert mediation services for families. We understand the emotional and financial toll that family disputes can have, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the support and guidance they need to move forward.


Family disputes can be challenging, but with the help of an expert mediator, families can work through their issues amicably and constructively. Capitol Family Mediation in West Thurrock offers comprehensive mediation services to help families find common ground and make decisions that are in the best interest of everyone involved. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


If you obtain lawful aid, the MIAM and mediation sessions which comply with will certainly cost you absolutely nothing. The mediator will assist you exercise if you can declare legal help. The moderator search shows which mediators are authorized to give legal help job.

If you are not qualified for lawful help, the arbitrator will certainly bill for the meeting.

The expense will differ relying on your carrier as well as where in the country they are based, so you must request for information of the expense of the conference when you get in touch with the conciliator.

As an overview, you can anticipate to pay about ₤ 120 each for a MIAM.

Then a consultation is made for your first mediation session, if everybody concurs to attempt mediation.

If you choose not to continue into mediation, or it’s not appropriate in your situations, after that the arbitrator will certainly have clarified the series of various other alternatives for solving points as component of the details and analysis meeting or MIAM.

If you choose to make an application to court to resolve an issue gone over at the MIAM, after that you can ask the conciliator to authorize the court type, as long as you participated in the MIAM within the last 4 months.

If you wish to take your case to court after that, in many cases, you will need to go to a MIAM prior to making an application.

There are just a couple of particular circumstances where this demand does not apply (mainly entailing domestic misuse).

This is since court action need to be used only where the security of the regulation is needed or, as a last resort when different means of solving points have not functioned.

If the court has actually told you that your ex lover has made an application to resolve concerns connected to kids or financial resources adhering to separation or dissolution of a civil partnership, the judge will certainly also anticipate you to have actually participated in a MIAM, unless the same certain situations apply.

Going to a MIAM isn’t the same as mosting likely to Mediation.

A MIAM will assist you comprehend the options offered to arrange out the concerns that need to be fixed, as well as to pick the most effective option.

A complete checklist of the circumstances in which the court does not anticipate an individual to have attended a MIAM is set out here.

Only mediators accredited by the Capitol Family Mediation can authorize a court form to state you have actually been to a MIAM. An accredited arbitrator is recognized as “FMCA”.

Yes. We provide MIAMs and family mediation  by video clip meeting.
This implies that in divorce or separation you can still utilize our specialist mediation solutions to help make settlements over money, parenting as well as building.
You can mediate without leaving residence to visit among our family mediation centres, which individuals are discovering specifically practical provided Coronavirus limitations. Reserve an appointment utilizing this link.

Legal Aid is supplied by the government to cover the price of family mediation services for families in conflict.
It is means-tested.

You have to provide evidence of your present monetary scenarios to prove you’re entitled to get it.
If you are qualified, Legal Aid will cover all your individual mediation expenses.

It will certainly additionally cover expenses of the initial appointment and very first mediation conference for the other person, if they’re not eligible in their own right.
Eligibility for Legal Help also allows you to obtain legal help for legal expenses, as much as a price limitation.

At your preliminary family mediation appointment (the MIAM) you can ask about lawful aid for mediation.
If you divide from your companion there are a number of things to be considered and also made a decision. :
The official divorce process is typically thought to take in between 4 as well as six months prior to it becomes lawfully finalised.

Nonetheless, a variety of variables can affect the size, consisting of the complexity of any issues you require to sort out between you regarding home, cash or parenting.

These are all problems which our family mediation service can help you settle much extra promptly.

Agreements reached in mediation can be made use of to form the basis of any type of court order you might require consisting of a financial order that will supply assurance for the future.

The Covid-19 pandemic has likewise had an influence on the rate at which family courts have been able to operate.

This indicated substantial hold-ups obtaining an initial appointment in the court, if you can not agree a method onward with your ex lover and also so need the court to intervene.

A divorce petition is sent to the court, or completed online through with a kind setting out the arrangements for the children, where ideal. Often this type is concurred in between you prior to procedures are released.
The setups are not binding on you and also, if there is any kind of conflict in between you, not fixed in mediation, it is open to either of you to make an application under section 8 of the Children Act 1989 for orders for home, contact, forbade steps or details issue orders.

When the divorce petition, the declaration of plans for the children, the original marriage certificate, the fee and the proper number of duplicates have been sent out, the petitioner gets a note of the court number and also the records are served on the respondent by message.

The respondent gets a recognition of solution kind which they require to return and also complete.
The court will certainly onward a copy of the recognition of service form to the petitioner once it is received, as well as the petitioner will then complete a basic type testimony on behalf of the request.

This, once promised, is lodged together with a kind requesting instructions for test.

The papers at this phase are placed prior to an Area Judge who will accredit whether or not the mandate
can be approved.

If it can, then the court will note a date for the declaration of the mandate nisi and also inform you of the day.

It is a management act as well as is typically sent out back by the court within days of the application.